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Bammy (Cassava)

Bammy (Cassava)

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Bammy is a great tasting vegan, Jamaican flat bread made with flour derived from grated cassava. Jamaican Bammy is best described as a flat bread. It is traditionally eaten with Ackee and Saltfish, Calaloo, steamed or fried fish.It is a great alternative for those who wish to avoid wheat products.

Bammy is a traditional, gluten-free flatbread made from cassava also called yuca or manioc. It has been a staple of the Arawak Indian for centuries, the first inhabitants of Jamaica. The tradition has since been passed down to the rural people of Jamaica, especially in St. Elizabeth, Westmoreland, and St. Catherine.

Cassava bammies are gluten free and made from cassava tubers which are grown organically in the hills of St. Catherine. The cassava tubers are artisanal produced in small batches, to provide you with a fresh and wholesome product that the whole family can enjoy.

Cassava bammies are rich in dietary fibre and good food to consume for those interested in weight loss.

Plain bammies regular size 4" (2 pack).


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