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Portland Curry Powder

Portland Curry Powder

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When Jamaican food is discussed, curry goat is the close second in conversation after jerk chicken.  Curried goat is the centrepiece at Jamaican parties and celebration, and though goat may be difficult to find in the UK, it is perfectly okay — delicious even — to ‘curry’ any meat, chicken or fish. 

Indian workers brought curry to Jamaica in the 19th Century, and the turmeric yellow Jamaican curry powder is still rich with aromatic Indian coriander, and cumin, yet has little heat — for an extra kick add fresh scotch bonnet chillies or cayenne. Radlein Mills Jamaican Portland curry powder is still produced on the island itself, in Kingston, Jamaica.

Ingredients: turmeric, toasted masala (fire roasted: coriander, cumin, fenugreek), black pepper, ginger, paprika extract, sea-salt (as preservative) chillies, scotch bonnet pepper, natural flavours.

  • Origin:Jamaica

  • Size:290g

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